Was checking through my regular email when I realised that a friend of mind was advertising for his wife’s handmade jewellery for V day. This is quite fine, except that I once had a crush on him. Actually, this particular one is quite fuzzy, cos’ it came and went, so I am not even sure if it was a crush. Before I knew it, it was gone, and hence the validation process never got to take place.

Earlier in my uni days, I knew someone for almost 2 years, and before I knew it, he popped the question and I freaked out. Haha.. oh well, I guess I wasn’t really prepared for familyhood. 😛

But you know? For a moment in life, I dreamt of getting married and having kids and a place to call my own; with a golden retriever, terrier or some toy dogs. 😛 It was a dream after all, and perhaps it will remain as one. Perhaps one day, I will be able to retreat peacefully into a nice town with someone I love, together with a stable job and cosy house. With the puppy running around the house or garden, of course, and no less. 😛

That would be a dream come true. 🙂

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