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General February 6th, 2007

Identified a fellow Singapore Girl on the train today – the colours of the standard red on her toenails was a tell-tale sign. A short glimpse of her make up confirmed her identity. And the mention of 24 days left of leave + her conversation of not wanting to waste her one day leave sort of confirms everything.

Ok, I was evesdropping – I am not sure if that constitutes conversation mooching, but it was unintentional. Trust me. Not everyone speaks discretely, especially if they have to compete with the noise from the rails of the MRT. πŸ˜›

I could have still been a Singapore Girl, but given the freak accident that happened to me last year, I don’t that that is possible – ever. Oh well, at least that permanently puts me onto another path of destruction. A path where, afters years after years after years of studies, would put me on par with a Bachelor’s degree holder on the salary scale – that’s very comforting to know. πŸ™‚

However, I did sometimes wonder how life would have been like should I have continued. Perhaps I would have seen the world by now. Perhaps I would have married a nice guy and settled down in some exotic country. Perhaps I would have been so badly bullied by the crew that I would never want to fly again. Perhaps… there’s just too many ‘if’s.

There was also a recent discussion if they should retire the 35-year-old icon and mount on something else closer to the times. My personal opinion is that the move would be an enterprise suicide. The subservant Singapore Girl is already widely recognised and it would definitely be a shame to retire her. If you look around, there’s almost nothing or no one as distinct as the Singapore Girl in the airlines industry.

Besides, I still sometimes wished that I was there. But now… it’ll just remain as a dream πŸ™

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