Heard from Meowy that the Iranian girl likes ginger – or at least appears to like them; and so I set off to get some ginger snaps. Since we are from the same lab, there might be a need to PR a little sometimes. 😛 

So, I got some tidbits from M&S this morning while getting some Ginger Snaps for the Iranian girl to try and some for my mum. Along with that came some hints from Mum that she wanted some Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly Cream Bath, that is.

Isn’t royal jelly meant to be eaten? Anyway, I only managed to find…. Royal Jelly with Honey, Cream Bath. And albeit some protests from my mum if she would attract ants when she sleeps, she gladly accepted it. At my expense. Oh well, it’s her birthday, isn’t it? Heh heh… Besides, bathing with this cream bath will give you sweet dreams at night. *crow flies past*

The service level at M&S Centrepoint was exemplary, but I am not sure if that attributed to the fact that I have an Ang Mo Kio name. There have been a lot of hung about how Caucasians always get better treatment. But I have to say that Caucasians are usually friendly, and they take the effect to greet you, be it if you are serving them or vice versa. I would think it’s reciprocal. Besides, when I was overseas, I picked up the habit of greeting the server (the person serving you), and this almost always guarantees you better service. Singaporeans should really try it.

But of course, there would be people who will insist that they are the customers and they shouldn’t have to greet first. But I would say “Mee Siam Mai Ham”, they should at least try to smile. It’s no wonder that we have a Smile2006 campaign. 😛

Was on my way to Mac’s when I forgot which Ezlink card I had used. Ended up using the wrong card and losing out on the 25 cents rebate. Every cent counts when you are not working earning. Not to mention the small sized ice lemon tea that costs $1.95 at Macs – something that will probably cost about 50 cents lesser at school. 🙁

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