What the?

General February 11th, 2007

Was preparing to go out moments ago after washing up and waiting for my hair to dry up when Ch U news ran a short commentary on V-Day in Singapore.

It was all alright when I caught a glimpse of a couple kissing over national TV. No big deal. Then I saw 2 couples. Still no big deal. Then there were 3… 4… and a whole group!

Wow! Is it some mass stuff that’s going on? Then I realised that there is a whole stadium crowd of couples kissing, with some heart-ornament decorated stage in the background of the event on TV with some MC cheering on.

What the??? And I thought public display of affection is illegal in Singapore. But here we have 100s of couples smooching away on national TV??? Didn’t manage to catch any gay couples though. Hur hur. šŸ˜›

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