Valentine’s Day Date

General February 14th, 2007

I had a date with my lecturer on Valentine’s Day – with the rest of the class! Heh heh… 😛

The class was particularly empty today. Haha… guess a great portion of our classmates are off celebrating with their SOs. People were also streaming slower than usual into the classroom, with a couple of them – not just girls, but guys as well, strolling in with bouquets of flowers. Haha.. of course I am assuming that the guys are going to present the flowers at a later time and the girls, the recipients.

The lecturer was pretty nice to let us know that he will release us much earlier… but as it turns out, we weren’t released till it was 1/2 hour before end of lesson, which, according to the lecturer, was much early instead of much earlier. Haha… good sense of humour. 😛 Then again, much of his lecture got us into a mental whirlpool… wonder how many of us had the mood to celebrate after his lecture.

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