Valentine’s Day Dinner

General February 14th, 2007

Now, don’t be misconstrued. Valentine’s Day is not just meant for all the boy-girl couples. It is also a celebration of love for your family members and friends, so don’t let your thoughts be constrained by the perceptions of the commons’. Of course, if you love yourself a lot, then it’s perfectly fine to have V-Day dinner by yourself too. 😉

Valentine’s Day dinner was a simple fare of Japanese food, and the dish of the day was unmistakably the Soft Shell Crab Ala Carte. Hehe. In fact, I think the Raffles City’s branch’s preparation is much better than the one at Paragon’s, where I have to bite really hard into the almost non-crispy carb and had to persistently request for additional servings of sauce.

The Salmon Maki is also a good appetizer. The servings at Sushi Tei is definitely more worth it than almost another convey belt operated sushi places. Despite it costing $2.20 instead of the usual $1.90 at most sushi places, the servings are fresher and jucier. 🙂

The deep fried (doesn’t these 2 words make you feel guilty?) salmon skin is also worth a dime in your pocket. It’s crispy skin with the occasional fried salmon is sure to make you cry out loud for more. 🙂 But it’s seasonal (depending on how many salmon they sell that day?), and it’s not on the menu, so you would have to ask the waiter if it’s on that day’s list.

Savour all these food with their fragrant green tea, which is guaranteed to leave you a mouthful of freshness! Not only does it quench your thirst well, it gets rid of any post-salvaging scent, if any, that’s left in your mouth. A cup or 2 of green tea would definitely prep you for a night long of deep passionate kiss.

If you have some space in your stomach to spare, perhaps you might like to try their gyoza, which is fried lightly and served with a mixture of vinegar and chilli sauce. Dipping the gyoza into the sauce before taking a bite on it is guaranteed to explode a firework of flavours into your mouth. Savour it with sips of green tea for maximum indulgence.

Amongst other food for the pure food connoisseur is the salmon fish head, the dragon makis, fried calamari rings, fried chicken skin and the sashimi, all of which are guaranteed to give you the best of experience at this fine dining but pocket-friendly restaurant.

And oh, do call for reservations for the inner cubicles for you to enjoy your dinner with your loved ones. 🙂

Sushi Tei, Raffles City Level 3

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