Hmm… it seems like the traffic wardens got a taste of their own medicine. This started off with a motorist being extremely buay song with why the traffic wardens took a photo of his car plate instead of just notifying his wife to move away. Unfortunately for the traffic wardens, they were also landing on the wrong side of the law by parking their motobikes at a double yellow lined road to have their breakfast.

Actually, people have previously complained about how traffic wardens hide behind pillars, only to jump out at the motorists when they were caught committing a traffic offence. Of course, the SPF replied and said that it was part of the duties of the traffic wardens to ensure that their duties are being carried out. In addition, some people felt that an offence is an offence is an offence, and hence, regardless of how unscrupulous ingenous the ways were, the traffic wardens were just carrying out their job.

So now, apparently, they had a taste of their own medicine. Actually, I am not even sure if this qualifies as “a taste of their own medicine” in the true sense. Oh well, I don’t really care, do I?

Here’s the archive from Straits Times (Feb 17, 2007) for those who do not have assess to the papers:

A MOTORIST got back at SBS Transit’s traffic inspectors who photographed his car parked in a bus lane.
Shortly after they took the photo, he spotted the two inspectors having breakfast, with their motorcycles parked illegally along double yellow lines. Whipping out his camera-phone, he filmed the motorcycles, confronted the two men and then put up the sequence on popular video-sharing website YouTube.Now the clip is making its rounds on the Internet via blogs here, and the two men are in trouble with their employer.

The video-clip does not identify the motorist, but he is heard asking the two inspectors why they parked illegally.

He also asks them why they had photographed his car, instead of simply asking his wife, who had been seated inside, to move it.

The inspectors tell him in the clip that they were just doing their job.

The licence-plate numbers of the motorcycles are clearly visible in the nearly two-minute-long clip.

Yesterday, a spokesman for SBS Transit confirmed that the inspectors were its staff and added that the company expected better behaviour.

‘We are dismayed to learn of this incident,’ she told The Straits Times. ‘The two mobile traffic inspectors filmed in the clip will be disciplined.’

The company will also remind all its inspectors not to break the law, especially because they are supposed to help enforce it.

The main duties of the 12-strong team include responding to bus accidents and breakdowns, as well as nabbing motorists who stray into the bus lanes.

The inspectors cannot issue traffic summonses or fines.

They forward photographs of errant motorists to the Land Transport Authority to decide if action should be taken.

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