Happy Lunar New Year!!!

General February 18th, 2007

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year! πŸ™‚

On the first day of the lunar new year, we go visiting from family to family. For my family, the first stop is always my maternal grandma, following which, the remains rest of my paternal relatives.

We would wake up early in the morning, like 7am in the morning. The first thing I would do is to greet my parents a happy and prosperous new year, together with lines after lines of well-wishes. πŸ˜› Following which, I will don new clothes and head off for visiting.

During each visit, we would usually bring along a pair of mandarin oranges. At my grandma’s place, I will usually present the oranges and wish her a healthy and prosperous lunar new year ahead with many good returns. πŸ™‚ In return, I will get a red packet, what is called ya1 sui4 qian2. We would then stay till lunch before heading off to visit the rest of my relatives.

This year, I overslept cos’ of a late Chinatown visit. πŸ˜›

Ed: If we visit our elders, it’s known as bai4 nian2, when we visit people who are of the same generation, it’s called he4 sui4.

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