Of all days, it had to rain the heaviest today. While it has definitely brought relief from days of heat waves and possible dehydration, the rainfall that was brought upon today was a total overkill. In fact, I think it killed all the earthworms and millipedes in the garden downstairs. Darn. Either that, or it will start bringing out the worms in the soil. Double darn. Now I have to be careful on where I thread.

Since this week is the recess week, I didn’t have to go down to school. But because there is an event that I have to attend this evening, I didn’t have much choice but to brave the rain, umbrella in hand, with a group of loud screaming kids from the school nearby. Tough luck. To make things worse, it was knock-off time, resulting in the bus having to ferry not only students, but workers from the nearby industrial estate. Today was definitely not a good time to go awalking.

After missing the upteem bus, I finally managed to squeeze up the bus, with a bounty lot of space at the back of the bus because the people standing there refused to move in. I seriously do not understand the rationale of the people who refused to walk in. I mean, the majority of them are probably going to alight at the train station anyway, so there is really no excuse that they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to get of the bus.

In the end, it took one loud screaming passenger who has waited for the upteem bus to complain to the bus driver that the back of the bus is too empty and that they are just going to stand at the steps until the people behind move in.

Of course, in the end, the people behind complied, else we would have to wait till the next bus comes about before the bus driver can start driving.

This is Singapore. Live it.

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