Dear Simply Jean,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been offered admission into National Taiwan University as a Research Scholar student in the School of Biological Sciences for Semester 1, Academic Year 2007-2008.

However, the offer of admission is on the condition that you obtain your Bachelor’s degree from National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Republic of China.

Ed: Heh heh heh…

Argh! Nearly struck 4D!

Rants March 25th, 2007

Darn! 2096 came out as 3rd prize rather than 7096. Got me so excited as I scratched the silver foil off my Singapore Sweep ticket one number at a time starting from the last digit. Sigh!

But hey, my prepared mind is for the $2 million cash prize! Heh heh… hope is coming! 😛

Hmm… I saw the following excerpt from the STI Digital pages:

While a laser toner cartridge costs more (around $??), it could last some (how many?) pages. Which means it provide a better cost-per-page rate at (how many cents per page?) compared to (how many cents per page?) for the inkjet cartridge.

Haha… I think it’s probably a paragraph that is WIP (work-in-progress), but it’s so funny that these WIPs are not properly established before they are being published. I wonder if this actually made it to the prints. It would be quite a good laugh if it did, although I don’t think the editor is going to be too happy about it.

I hope I didn’t just cause someone to lose his/her job/intership. 🙁

Which is more painful?

Humour March 19th, 2007

If a 1kg coconut or a 1kg durian was to hit your head. Which is more painful?

Think about the answer. When you are ready, click below to view the answer…

Hint: They are of the same weight…

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Jinx’ed Post?

Rants March 15th, 2007

I had been trying to post a particular entry in my drafts for the longest time, yet every time I tried to post it, the blog site becomes unavailable – only to that computer and only through that particular network connection.

Should I email tech support about it? 🙁

It seems like the blackout entry that I wrote some time back is missing permanently… probably from a computer crash that happened some time ago. Stupid windows…

Anyway, on the day that we shifted in, there was a blackout! And of all times, when we were showering in the bathrooms! Duh! Thank goodness we were almost done and not stuck halfway in some soapy situation. It took me quite a while to figure my way around. And because I am totally blind at night, I depended heavily on my hands to navigate through all the stuffs in the cubicle. Oh well!

Some hostelites did realise that there were people (my roomie and myself) stuck in the bathrooms, but that was when we were about to get out. Apparently, the blackout triggered some people to get together for a short session of chit-chat until the powerguys came over and flipped the switch on again. Life *does* start after 12 midnight afterall!

It’s been almost 1 week since we shifted in and we could almost see the benefits of shifting into the halls. It means not having to wake up at 6am for an 830am lesson, as well as being able to work as late as we want in the labs… and possibly till the cows came home. Food however, is a call for concern.

Just yesterday, an entremely lousy pack of noodles were prepared and that totally spoilt my mood. So much so that I went to bed straight after dinner cos’ I was full but not satisfied. Oh well! You win some, you lose some. I don’t think I will ever eat that brand of noodles ever again. 🙁 Thank goodness for “fried three thoughts”, else the noodles would have been down the drain.

Meowy is moody today, and I am not sure how long it’ll last. Sigh. Not in a mood to talk about it. So I think I will just talk about other things.

We had Prof K for our lecture today, and I thought his notes were quite well prepared. Actually, I wasn’t sure if it was his notes or the other lecturer’s notes (that he had acknowledged), but I thought today’s lecture was very well organized and well paced. Only thing was that it ended a little too early – but no one was complaining.

And oh, we are going to have a new lecturer 2 weeks later who is going to take us for just 1 lecture. Apparently he’s an adjunct lecturer, so he will be with us only on a part time basis. It’s probably part of the university’s goal to bring industrial knowledge into our books. 🙂

And oh no, we are going to have an additional assignment for this lecturer. Sigh! We are already packed to the brim, especially with a pending assignment that is going to be due in 2 weeks’ time as well as the submission of my research report. This is going to be so stressful! Argh!

And I have also submitted my application for internship with a government agency. Hope that pulls through too because it means additional experience (and pocket money). Heh heh… 🙂

It’s almost going to be 11pm soon and I am still in lab. I kind of enjoy being in lab because I feel that it puts you in a mood for getting things done. Yes, I am quite an “environmental person” – how well I work usually depends heavily on how comfortable I am with the environment. But that does not mean that I am unable to work in noisy places; pretty much like how I enjoy working at Starbucks, which isn’t exactly the quietest of places.

I think I need to do some time management soon. I have lectures tomorrow until Friday afternoon. Still thinking if I can make it for some faculty event tomorrow afternoon during lunch. Rush rush…

Got my hall!

School Stuffs March 8th, 2007

After an ardous wait, I finally got an allocation for my hall. Kekeke…

The hall allocated to me wasn’t really idea, but it beats waking up at 6am in the morning for an 830am class! Woohoo! The only thing that is missing is perhaps a bicycle, but I don’t fancy cycling early in the morning for classes because I have to worry about parking it. So… the bicycle is probably only got getting around campus when there are no class. Or perhaps for the occasional cycle out of campus to get stuffs or for a cuppa at the Mac.

I can’t find my bedsheet… so it seems like I can’t move in today. Oh well… and there’s no car too. 🙁

So disappointed

Rants March 8th, 2007

Got called for a casting a couple of days ago for an event, but the event coordinator was super blur busy during the casting. She just briefed the few of us about what to expect during the event and took a mugshot of each of us and asked us to coordinate with our event coordinator.

So, none of us knew if we were selected or if we had to wait for a reply. Naturally, since nothing was mentioned about “letting us know of the results later”, we assumed that everyone got in.

Turned out that *none* of us got in!

It was such a huge disappointment. I emailed the other girls if they have gotten any reply but apparently no one managed to get a confirmation from the EC. Eventually, I gave the EC a call and she confirmed that none of us got the job. Sigh. She should have at least informed us. Everyone was waiting for her call or SMS.

Maybe she’s just too busy or stressed. Oh well. *winged money*

It was about 12 noon in Singapore (GMT +8) when I was sitting lazily at home with my legs on the table (heh heh… kind of a relaxed day for a school day). Then I felt it. At first I thought it was my tummy! Listen…. but no growling! Hmm.. Listen!…. Still no growling… Then I felt it again!

For a good 12 seconds, I felt that I was in the path of some harmonics. Then I felt my body on the sofa moving to the left with my legs on the table heading to the right. Then it starts alternating and alternating… Then the jingglings at home started swaying!

“Mum, do u feel anything?”


“Sh*t! It’s an earthquake!”

And my mum scrambled to her room to get all her preciooooooooous while I went to change out into something nice. If I were to die in an earthquake, I want to die pretty and presentable. :P

Soon enough, the tremors stopped. Everything eventually stopped moving and I called the Met Station. Apparently there had been reports of tremors across different parts of Singapore. Even the page at the Met Station for earthquakes was down due to “server error”. Duh!

Hmm… I wonder if the bomb shelter can withstand the tremors if an earthquake indeed affected Singapore.

More updates later. Better get out of my house now.