It was about 12 noon in Singapore (GMT +8) when I was sitting lazily at home with my legs on the table (heh heh… kind of a relaxed day for a school day). Then I felt it. At first I thought it was my tummy! Listen…. but no growling! Hmm.. Listen!…. Still no growling… Then I felt it again!

For a good 12 seconds, I felt that I was in the path of some harmonics. Then I felt my body on the sofa moving to the left with my legs on the table heading to the right. Then it starts alternating and alternating… Then the jingglings at home started swaying!

“Mum, do u feel anything?”


“Sh*t! It’s an earthquake!”

And my mum scrambled to her room to get all her preciooooooooous while I went to change out into something nice. If I were to die in an earthquake, I want to die pretty and presentable. :P

Soon enough, the tremors stopped. Everything eventually stopped moving and I called the Met Station. Apparently there had been reports of tremors across different parts of Singapore. Even the page at the Met Station for earthquakes was down due to “server error”. Duh!

Hmm… I wonder if the bomb shelter can withstand the tremors if an earthquake indeed affected Singapore.

More updates later. Better get out of my house now.

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