So disappointed

Rants March 8th, 2007

Got called for a casting a couple of days ago for an event, but the event coordinator was super blur busy during the casting. She just briefed the few of us about what to expect during the event and took a mugshot of each of us and asked us to coordinate with our event coordinator.

So, none of us knew if we were selected or if we had to wait for a reply. Naturally, since nothing was mentioned about “letting us know of the results later”, we assumed that everyone got in.

Turned out that *none* of us got in!

It was such a huge disappointment. I emailed the other girls if they have gotten any reply but apparently no one managed to get a confirmation from the EC. Eventually, I gave the EC a call and she confirmed that none of us got the job. Sigh. She should have at least informed us. Everyone was waiting for her call or SMS.

Maybe she’s just too busy or stressed. Oh well. *winged money*

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