Exam Period

School Stuffs April 18th, 2007

Yes, it’s the time of the year again. In fact, it happens twice a year… ignoring the little ones. πŸ™‚ It’s exam time! πŸ™ And that explains why I hadn’t been blogging for ages. πŸ™

Oh ya… before I forget, I saw wild boars last Saturday morning! A whole family of them! I was so afraid that they will start charging at me because the father boar (don’t ask me how I know it’s the father :P) was snorting away, ready to charge at anytime. So, being the timid me, I went off as quickly and calmly as I can. πŸ˜›

FYP is finally submitted, but a last minute assignment held my revision back by one whole week. Darn. Now I am so short of time…

Eh, siao eh… le revision how?

Like that lor… damn cham. you leh?

Me ah? Jin jia lat sia… jeh notes wua boh understand leh. Cham liao lah. How?

Haha… le mai men wua. Wua mah si buay hiao…

Like that ah.. then how?

Wua mana zai how? Le wu ke meng lecturer boh?

Lecturer ah? Siao eh… sekali lecture thought I never listen class how? Sekali tio mark lagi cham…

Then how?

Emmm.. mm zai leh…

Ah! Wua kah le gong… le wu gmail si boh?

Si ah… an jua leh?

Wua kah le gong… le yong gmail email lecturer anony-nymously… mai gah lecturer gong le si siang…

Eh sai meh?

Try lah… le eh sai register new account mah… send invite to yourself can liao lor…

Like that ah? Ok ok… I ke try…

Ho…. le email lecturer liao… dan lecturer reply liao, le kah wua gong answer si simi ok?

Wah piang!

Ok… I am very bored. Too stressed. Back to books now. πŸ™‚


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