What if…

Reminisces May 28th, 2007

As I was reading through blogs of my friends’ lately, I realised that most of them are either getting married, preparing to get married or on the verge of getting married. 🙂 And most of them are people that I knew from SQ/Silkair.

Sometimes, I wonder how life would have been different if I had decided to continue with flying instead of moving on to further my studies. Things would have been different, definitely, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for an entirely different lifestyle thereafter.

It has been awhile since I last made the decision to go back to school, and I have often looked back, wondering how green the grass would have been should I venture further. Would there be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow across the horizon that seems to beckon to me every now so often? Would I be like the rest of my friends in SQ to know someone they really treasure and get married (and oh, they are non-cabin crew partners, although urban legend has it that it is always some rich businessman).

But of course, one thing that kept me worried was whether I would be able to land a good job/career should I decide to resign from cabin crew at a later time. The decision to resign is always a hard one, after being so used to flexible working hours and good flying pay. If you like meeting different people and travelling to different places, this job is probably for you. Of course, there is the occasional challenging passenger or cabin crew, but that’s just part of the job. You probably won’t see them that often anyway, unless of course that crew is in your team. 😛

Some of my friends left because they couldn’t get along with the working lifestyle. It is not always as glamorous as people think. I could almost safely say that your working life depends almost entirely on how well you get along with the rest of the cabin crew. A good team will almost always pull you through all the tough times, and a team that you can’t get along with will probably put you in the abyss. One of my friends was so traumatised that she quitted after doing her SNY, which are the training flights before we graduate from STC. Of course, she had to pay back the entire of the 12k bond, but I guess she really couldn’t take it – not from the passengers, but from her team. By some luck, she ended up in the team that I would have been in, and I am not sure if I won’t have reacted the same way if I were in her position.

So now I am left in an entirely different industry with an entirely different prospect. I would say that returning to school had been an enjoyable experience, but the pay or lackthereof, is something that I am totally detesting. I like what I am doing/about to do in the near future, but I am not sure if I am doing my purse-strings any good. Afterall, the allure of money of better paying jobs is always there.

Bird park

Humour May 23rd, 2007

Eh, siao eh…

Simi dai ji? Le mai dap pai kew wa siao eh…. wa ngm si siao eh… wa wu mia one, ok?

No lah… siao eh got more qing qie gan mah…

Simi qing qie gan? Le mai ga wa luan lai…

No la… actually want to ask you if you want go bird park

Huh? Ke kua jiao? Kua simi jiao?

Simi jiao mah wu… ng sek eh jiao, chee sek eh jiao… lam sek eh jiao…

Eh! Simi lam sek eh jiao? Le mai ka wa luan gong… wa si refined eh citizen, ok? Mai ga wa gong simi lam sek jiao…

No la… wa friend wu 4 tickets to kua jiao…

Ah, again! Wa ga le gong liao… mai da bai gong simi jiao wei… jin pai tia, ok?

Ok ok… solly la… So how? Want to go kuah… i mean see bird?

I was half thinking if this should be considered a rant, but I figured that I would like to rationalize it properly.

I had been tied down with lots of work recently to the extend that it is eating into my free time, read: after 6pm into the morning at 2am and weekends as well. But I have always believed that there is more than just work, and that is why I would like to fill my life with more things than just work. I will want to find time to slot things in – things that I would like to do or to learn, like learning to ride a bike, or play the drums, or to continue my foreign language lessons.

But someone else had a different opinion – and ticked me off! Hey, I am entitled to my own opinion and I don’t think you have any rights to impose your opinions onto me. I was asked plainly, if not shot on the face, why I would like to be jill (jack) of all trades and master of none? Why don’t I just settle on one thing and do it well. Somehow, I can’t find the logic in it. Does that mean that I can only have *1* job and *1* hobby in the future? While I think that I will be monogamous with my S.O. in the future, but I don’t think I would like to be “monogamous” to just 1 hobby. I think that is totally ridiculous.

I mean, why should I restrict myself to just doing 1 sport/hobby and “do it right” when I can do many recreational sports/hobbies and do them ALL WRONG but yet enjoy it? I guess it could be the coming of the local mentality that in whatever we do, we have to do it well. Do it otherwise and you are an outcast!

Well, I’m saying that it’s just pure BS – because that would mean that we’ll have millions of outcasts since I don’t think there are as many sports/hobbies as there are people in the country! So here’s what I am going to do. I am going to continue doing my stuffs and continue to do well in them. As for the ECAs, I am just going to do them the way I like because I want to enjoy it – as opposed to “perfecting in them” – so that I can get as much out of my life as possible. You – the propagator of perfection – keep out of my life and let me do the things I want.

If not for the fact that you are not well, I’d have made my points clearer. Oh well, you are not here to read this anyway. 😛


General May 19th, 2007

Never in my life had I felt so vulnerable about walking in the open. It was 4am in the morning and I was walking back from the lab to my hall. It was a windy night – an almost definite sign of rain.

However, this night was different. The sky was occasionally illuminated with flashes of lightning. Threatening to strike at any object any time. Add that to the fact that I was like a pole sticking out from the ground, that made me a perfect target at any time. The surrounding trees didn’t seem to be able to provide any form of comfort, neither do the buildings around me. I was in the middle of the road at the carpark and I was not exactly sheltered.

For the first time in my life, I felt that I needed to get to the safety of a shelter – one that can shield me from attacks from above. However, even a race to the nearest sheltered pathway didn’t seem to provide me with the assurance that I needed. I could almost imagine the lightning bending underneathe the shelter just to strike me. It was a horrid thought and I was filled with immense fear.

I hurried my pace to the hall and even as I was climbing up the stairs, there was no safety felt. It wasn’t until I was behind locked doors that I felt the safety from the lightnings flashing across the horizons.

This was indeed a frightning experience, strangely one that is felt after years of being taught not to walk in the open when lightning threatens. I guess when you are the only soul in an open space, it gives a whole new meaning to the words safety in numbers.

Hehe… Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, mother-wannabe, mothers to-be, and fathers who are like mothers or anyone else who acted as one! 😉

Actually, such commemorative days seem to be getting more and more commercialized. Well, I may be getting a little cynical, but there are so many promotions out there that encourage spending. Sigh. But me, like most other people, would like to treat my mum to a good meal, but she insisted that today’s not a good day to eat out because everywhere’s so crowded.

Why get yourself so stressed out on a crowded day? Today’s like the seventh month, where everyone seemed to be freed prisoners from hell…

I quite agree with what my mum said though, and that was confirmed with her morning visit to pay pilgrimage to her god and goddess. Oh well. So I guess there is some truth somewhere then. Ok. Dinner’s here… 😛

Yes! I finally finished my first conference paper and I hope it will be accepted. I think it’s just pure junk, though I spent countless hours working on it and trying to come up with something novel. Not too sure where all this are going to head to at the end of the day…

Oh, did I mention I gave up on the mac? Heh heh… 😛 Too tedious lah

Heh heh… after spending upteem hours trying to reinstall my OS on my non-Mac laptop, I finally got everything running. 😉

Spent almost 12 hours from midnight till noon trying to get the OS up. Then got some sleep and then spent another 6 hours trying to figure out what was wrong with the wireless adapter! Argh! At the end of the day, I still didn’t quite know what went wrong, but my laptop did manage to connect to the free wifi outside though. Hmm…