Hehe… Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, mother-wannabe, mothers to-be, and fathers who are like mothers or anyone else who acted as one! 😉

Actually, such commemorative days seem to be getting more and more commercialized. Well, I may be getting a little cynical, but there are so many promotions out there that encourage spending. Sigh. But me, like most other people, would like to treat my mum to a good meal, but she insisted that today’s not a good day to eat out because everywhere’s so crowded.

Why get yourself so stressed out on a crowded day? Today’s like the seventh month, where everyone seemed to be freed prisoners from hell…

I quite agree with what my mum said though, and that was confirmed with her morning visit to pay pilgrimage to her god and goddess. Oh well. So I guess there is some truth somewhere then. Ok. Dinner’s here… 😛

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