I was half thinking if this should be considered a rant, but I figured that I would like to rationalize it properly.

I had been tied down with lots of work recently to the extend that it is eating into my free time, read: after 6pm into the morning at 2am and weekends as well. But I have always believed that there is more than just work, and that is why I would like to fill my life with more things than just work. I will want to find time to slot things in – things that I would like to do or to learn, like learning to ride a bike, or play the drums, or to continue my foreign language lessons.

But someone else had a different opinion – and ticked me off! Hey, I am entitled to my own opinion and I don’t think you have any rights to impose your opinions onto me. I was asked plainly, if not shot on the face, why I would like to be jill (jack) of all trades and master of none? Why don’t I just settle on one thing and do it well. Somehow, I can’t find the logic in it. Does that mean that I can only have *1* job and *1* hobby in the future? While I think that I will be monogamous with my S.O. in the future, but I don’t think I would like to be “monogamous” to just 1 hobby. I think that is totally ridiculous.

I mean, why should I restrict myself to just doing 1 sport/hobby and “do it right” when I can do many recreational sports/hobbies and do them ALL WRONG but yet enjoy it? I guess it could be the coming of the local mentality that in whatever we do, we have to do it well. Do it otherwise and you are an outcast!

Well, I’m saying that it’s just pure BS – because that would mean that we’ll have millions of outcasts since I don’t think there are as many sports/hobbies as there are people in the country! So here’s what I am going to do. I am going to continue doing my stuffs and continue to do well in them. As for the ECAs, I am just going to do them the way I like because I want to enjoy it – as opposed to “perfecting in them” – so that I can get as much out of my life as possible. You – the propagator of perfection – keep out of my life and let me do the things I want.

If not for the fact that you are not well, I’d have made my points clearer. Oh well, you are not here to read this anyway. 😛

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