Read in the Straits Times that Nets had published a 10 FAQ and are listening to feedback (as a holistic approach to fees hike). Reproduced below is my feeble protest feedback to Nets with regards to the feed hike: 

Dear Sir,

With regards to the fee hike, there is no doubt that Nets users like myself will end up bearing the bulk of the surcharge, just like what happened at the recent PC Show – where customers are charged an additional 2-3% if we were to pay by credit card. It is pointless for us to write in to complain because they will be everywhere. This is a fact that we will have to face with. The least extreme of passing on the surcharge back to the consumers is the denying of better discounts to Nets-paying customers. Again, this is reflected in everyday shopping of electronics goods. Should we decide to pay by Cash or Nets now, as opposed to credit cards, we may be given better discounts. July will be the time that better discounts will only be given if we pay by cash. Again, I iterate that it is pointless for us to write in to complain because this practice is rampant.

As I am writing this, I am already preparing to get a bigger purse so that I would get used to a cash-based transaction, where I will be given better discounts when I make my purchases. My ATM card is now only useful for withdrawing cash from ATMs, until a point in time when I have to pay a surcharge for withdrawing cash from ATMs, which I am sure will happen one day.

Thank you for listening to my feedback.

Best regards, Simply Jean

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