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General June 17th, 2007

There has been a recent brouhaha regarding the dismiss of a relief teacher, who had been dismissed for unknown reasons. I wanted to blog about this earlier, but thought that I should wait until it becomes clear on why he was dismissed.

Apparently, there is no further progress.

So, here’s my own take about blogging about work. Short of writing on superficial stuffs, I don’t really think it is advisable to blog about work, and this includes blogging under the “privacy of protected categories” because in the Internet, nothing is really protected. 🙁

So, here’s what an entry should not contain:

8:30am: Reach lab

8:31am: Key in password at door: 99405993

8:32am: Log into windows domain: staff\scientist, ty60q00tg

8:33am: Check email

8:34am: Reply to my supervisor Dr Tihs Folluf and told him that using cell line E95 is not a good thing

8:45am: Enter wet lab WL05 and used cell line E90 for Aikon experiment (restricted)

8:50am: Added Drac D.S. to E90

8:51am: Centrifuge

9:00am: Performed cytotoxicity tests

9:10am: Target reacting

9:15am: Good results!

Before you get up the next morning after blogging, your work will probably be repeated by rivals (colleagues or fellow workers) and the next thing you know, they will claim your works! Moreover, I don’t think it’s nice to let people know that you don’t get along with Dr. Tihs Folluf. 😛 So how would I have blogged?

8:30am: Reach lab (Ed: only if you have a habit or reaching work early or on time)

9:15am: Good results!

2:00pm: Start patent filing

5:00pm: Celebration!

Yup… leave out the details. In fact, the 2:00pm might already be a giveaway on where you are working and what you do., unless, of course, your supervisor doesn’t really mind about you blogging. For me, because of the confidentiality of what I do, I’d rather just stay clear of mentioning anything to do with work, be it as a student or as an intern. You’ll never know when you will be called up for “disciplinary actions”.

Ed: Just as I have finished condemning comment on blogging about work, Geek Goddess has her own opinions on how blogging can help you get your dream job. 🙂

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