Happy Papa’s Day!

General June 17th, 2007

Happy Papa’s Day to all the father readers out there! Hehe… especially to my friends who have just fathered new borns. 🙂 Today’s a day when everyone start going out for lunches and dinners as if it was given out free 😛 but it’s probably not as crowded as mother’s day 🙂 How do I know that? I am a mother We tried getting a table at Crystal Jade during mother’s day and the queue at Bugis Junction seems as if it started from the gates of the Bugis MRT station!

However, I feel that our display of love for our papa and mama should not be restricted to just their respective days. Well, I do agree that these days are special days, but I think we should really treat our pama as if it were pama’s day everyday – and this does not mean that we should “celebrate” every day, but rather to appreciate their love for us and the fact that we are here because of them.

For me, I intend to do the dinner buying tonight because… I can’t really cook and I don’t the A&E load to increase by another 2 or 3 today. 😛

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