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General June 17th, 2007

Got up really early this morning because I am one of the sisters for my good friend’s wedding. On my way there, I was tasked with getting stuffs for the door game – lemon and lime, condensed milk, bitter gourd and chilli padi. Hehe… it was meant to represent sour, sweet, bitter and hot, or in chinese, suan1 tian2 ku3 la4.

Reached the bride’s place at about 7:45am and got the jiemei team to start squeezing the lemon and lime and slicing the bitter gourds and chilli padis. Meanwhile, the rest of the other relatives helped to keep a lookout for the groom’s arrival. The chilli padi was particularly hard to slice because I am tearing away as I was cutting them. How I pity the guys. 😛

At about 8:45am, the groom arrived and were locked outside the door, negotiating with our chief negotiator to get into the house. The sisters team tried to get the brotherhood team to do stuffs to declare his undying love for the bride, but they were so unsporting! In the end, the bride’s mother was more worried that they would miss the auspicious hour and the brotherhood team got away with just eating the suan1 tian2 ku3 la4. Hmmph!

From there, everything moved like clockwork:

9:30am – left for groom’s house

11:00am – tea ceremony for groom’s family starts

11:30am – lunch starts

12:15pm – left for new couple’s home

12:45pm – left for bride’s home

1:15pm – tea ceremony for bride’s family starts. Apparently the elder, married couples give ang baos while the younger unmarried ones got ang baos from the couple.

1:45pm – lunch part 2 starts

2:30pm – home sweet home for me

It was really a long and tiring day, but an eye opener for me, especially the part where the brotherhood team is subjected to the sister team’s whims and fancies! Haha… I’ve got another one next month, but I am just a volunteer… so there might not be so much fun. Perhaps I will post more details later. Tired… zzz… 🙁

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