Attended a talk by Kevin on Youtube and beyond. The majority of what he covered can actually be found on his web, but it can generally be broken down into the following:

  • Youtube and its communities 
  • available video sharing sites and their services and restrictions
  • available offline and online video editing tools
  • crazy things that you can do, like lip syncing 
  • beyond video sharing
  • a little on Creative Commons
  • Q&A which wasn’t (there wasn’t enough time)

I learnt a couple of things today: that is more than just youtube and google video; that there are video sharing sites that pays you (; that other sites offer you better video sizes but at the expense of a ready audience (youtube seemingly has a bigger audience to date).

I also learnt that there are fabulous sites that offers a zen-themed editing suite (read: minimalistic) that can let you crop your videos, amongst other things. Frankly, I am not a video enthusiast, although I tried to do some form of video editing – filtering out ads from my DVD-Rs, which I later realised wasn’t really worth the effort. 😛

Then, there was a short primer on lip syncing (or something like that) which is pretty much like MTV except that YOU are the lead in the publicly taken movie. Apparently, there may be copyrights issues because the song doesn’t really belong to you. Nonetheless, it looks nice and sort of amusing to create an MTV of yourself lip syncing.

Speaking of which, I didn’t know that Singapore did not endorse Creative Commons, which means your materials are either copyrighted or they are in the public domain, but not anywhere in between. More information can be obtained from the Creative Commons website.

Lastly, there is the future of video blogging. Apparently, in the short clip “Strange Days” that was shown, it presented a futuristic possibility that instead of re-living though photos and videos, there would come a time when we can re-live the entire experience through extrasensory perception.

“And that includes when you are having sex”, cited Kevin 😛

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