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General June 25th, 2007

Met my friends from HK on friday evening at Clarke quay for a drink. They were on a 3-day visit to Singapore and was to return the day after. I’ve never really brought my overseas friends around Singapore before and frankly, I didn’t quite know where to bring them to.

Since I am not a nightlife person, I didn’t know which pub to go when they were looking at me for directions. Clarke Quay is notoriously a crowded place on Friday night, and I wasn’t sure of making them wait for MOS since I have never been them before. Would have asked Xiaxue along if I knew her better, but nope. 🙁

My friends like cocktails, so beer places were out. Merchant Court is probably going to be very expensive, and so that was out too. In the end, we tried Clinic, some Indie place, and Geographic (?!) but they were all crowded (or looked crowded). In the end, we ended up going to CHIJMES because I been there once and it looked pretty decent.

So, off we went on a 15 mins walk. There were 7 of them (which later became 5 because 2 were exhausted) and 2 of us (my friend and I) and we managed some small talk. 2 of them are medical students now while the rest just graduated from school. It’s really nice meeting long lost friends because many things would have happened in the interim and it’s really interesting how people you know change as well.

We settled for Bobby’s (any URL for this? Bobby @ CHIJMES Basement 1) because they had a very friendly staff at the entrance and it was 50% off all Cocktails and Spirits and house pours, which went down very well with poor students. 😛 It was surprisingly quiet for a Friday night at CHIJMES, which is in stark contrast with Clarke Quay!

Most of us had either Cocktails or Mocktails. I prefer Shirley Temple cos it’s soothing to the taste. The rest of us had Gunners, S*x with the Captain, Long Island Tea and some other cough mixtures non alcoholic drinks. It was nice doing some catch up and finding out how different Singapore is from HK.

Soon after, we had to leave the place. Because there were 5 of them, we had some problems convincing some taxi drivers to break the law to fetch all of them. In the end, we decided to just get them to take NR7 from City Hall MRT. They had a packed schedule ahead of them on the next day – Sentosa in the morning, Chinatown in the late afternoon and Night Safari or shopping in the evening. It would be quite a pity if they were unable to visit the Night Safari (actually I am not too sure about that, I’ve never been to the Night Safari and am currently waiting for people to volunteer to take me there 😛 ) but it’s the Great Singapore Sale now, and they might miss some fabulous buys. Ya, it’s quite ironic on how some Singaporeans think that HK is a good shopping paradise while the HongKongers think likewise for Singapore. :S

So, what did I learn from my friends’ visit? I realise that I don’t really know Singapore that well to promote it to overseas visitors. Probably it’s about time I get my facts right. Especially on food – I don’t even know if HK sells Fried Kway Teow (apparently they do) and I have problem introducing Roti Prata to them verbally.

Really, what are the places that I should recommend them? 🙁

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