This is not a rant… but I am feeling a little tired today. It’s another case working too late into the night and getting woken up by the cats one after another. Sigh.

Oh, I met a new intern today and he’s actually just back from Glasgow for his summer holidays. But instead of whiling it away, he decided to write in for an internship opportunity; and this is only his second year of studies. He intends to finish his studies and then stay in Scotland, UK, or the EU to get some work experience because he feels that no one in Singapore would hire him.

This is quite a surprising statement – the part about him feeling that no one would hire him. He is going to be an honours student (and probably a very good honours) but yet he feels that Singapore would not want him! In addition, he feels that the employers here would prefer local graduates than local graduates. I might agree if the university that he is attending is a less known university, but it’s Glasgow!

Oh well, that’s grass on the other side for you. 🙂

We talked about what I want to do in the future, and I told him that I would like to get back to medical school – to do my medical studies and residency overseas, and yes, staying overseas to work. For me, coming back to Singapore probably means that I have to slog through housemanship for at least a year before I am granted a licence to practice. Since I am probably going to do my residency overseas, there is very little reason for me to penalize myself by coming back. Of course, I would like to be patriotic and serve Singapore, but not at the expense of my time and future.

Of course, there may be some allowance in recognizing the residency that I have completed overseas, but until that time comes, I am keeping my options open. The only reason that I would return to Singapore is because of my parents. They are rooted here and I don’t want to leave them behind. However, given an opportunity, I might move them out as well. Looking at the balance in their CPF, they probably have assets (at least a HDB flat) with no retirement capital. They can probably work till 80 and they will still not have enough to retire. Raising the retirement age to 65 and upping the minimum sum to SGD 120,000 is probably not enough. We need 80/250,000. (right, period.) How about 85/300,000? (sure)

Anyway, why am I talking about such sad stuffs? It’s supposed to be a “tired” and random post. Oh well.

Update: I just cut my finger in the kitchen and lost lots of blood. Probably around 100ml to 150ml of blood. Boy, am I feeling giddy or what? 🙁

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