Was chatting with a friend of mine over MSN when I suddenly realised that I forgot to pay him back for some stuffs:

Me: Oh, guess what? I realised that I forgot to pay you back for the xxx

Him: It’s ok lah… you can pay me back the next time we meet

Me: Oh, that means I would be seeing you for a long time

– Silence –

Him: Oh! Are you trying to do a Richard Yong???

Me: Nay… for that amount, it’s not worth it 😛

Him: Yes, but the best criminals often try out simple bad things first 😛

Me: Okie… then it’s worth the effort then

Him: I’ll track you down!!!

Me: =P Btw… you got PPV today?

There are probably many other things that we can do, including but not limited to:

  1. Doing a TT Durai
  2. Doing a Lee, Christopher Lee, I mean
  3. Doing a …..

And I just realised that there are some that I can’t mention. 😛

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