My partner and myself met up with the MD of the company that I was supposed to submit a proposal for. However, because of some miscommunication, we ended up not talking about work, but about himself and his success in setting up the company. Due to the non-clearance from the MD himself, names will not be revealed here and this entry will be a scaled down summary.

Apparently, this company is the 3rd that he has set up, after having sold 2 of his previous companies. The 3rd is doing quite well, with expansion all over the globe. Morevoer, he’s just in his mid-late 30s and is probably earning amongst the top 5% in Singapore.

I was thoroughly impressed with his business acumen. For me, a product is a product is a product. For him, he is able to view various aspects of a business proposal or product and is able to value-add into almost any possible product. He graduated from a local university, and wasn’t keen as a young adult in studies. He eventually graduated with what he called a normal degree and proceed to set up his first company dealing in electronics and selling it off soon after.

In fact, he was so successful that he had problems communicating with his peers. Spending his afternoons at a popular country club, he realised that he was going to go crazy if he didn’t have anything else to do, hence his 3rd company.

After the meeting, my partner and I looked at each other and wondered why we are not earning our first million now, at this present moment. There was something that the MD said that struck a cord – FOCUS. My partner and I realised that we don’t really have a focus. For myself, it’s worse. Not only do I not have focus (which is apparent), I don’t have any sense of business acumen, and that’s bad. It was also agreed that I should just be a farmer *.

The other comment that he made was that not many Singaporeans want to be entrepreneurs. Personally, I felt that being an entrepreneur is a pretty business. When you do great, the world exhauls you. When you fail, you become a statistic under the Bankruptcy Act. For me, I’d rather migrate elsewhere and contribute to the statistic of a brain drain; unless there’s compelling reason for me to remain here.

Frankly, I like Singapore a lot, but I don’t think Singapore likes me. Haha… Of course, I have to secure my own future and all, but it’s tough being a researcher in Singapore. I’m not afraid to work hard, but working hard and getting censured or going nowhere is totally senseless.

What makes me think that going overseas would be good? I have no answer for that too. I think I’m just one confused kid now. 🙁

* a farmer is someone who has to slog his/her way through the ranks; usually a slang used in the armed forces.

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