General July 8th, 2007

… Blackjack! 21 points!

… winning combination on the one-arm bandit!

… having 777 couples tying the nuptial knot

… getting married to your loved one on a Boeing 777

… registering your business and everything else so that you will never forget your dates!

… ping.sg 1st anniversary party! (their registered date is 04/07?)

… rushing for weddings dinners! Yes, more than just 1, but I can only go for one

… creating a phenomenon like 06-06-06, 05-05-05, 04-04-04, 03-03-03, 02-02-02, 01-01-01

… and lots more… but I am going out now. Feel free to add to the comments 😛

Ed: Oops! I accidentally ping’ed my blog. Here’s the link that you may probably like to read about if you are looking at post-ping.sg mortem comments. 😛

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