Thought I’d just write one more post cos’ I didn’t realise what the “update now” was all about and I clicked it, only to realise that my previous post got updated on the ping board.

Ok. I’m not that geeky afterall. And pressing buttons after waking up is a big no-no!

I thought the party was supposed to start at 5pm, but I didn’t realise that registration starts at 3:30pm and it’s supposed to be 4pm, not 5pm. (sorry guys!) By the time I realised it, it was already 4:30pm. So I tried to grab a cab, which isn’t really the easiest thing to do when the drivers are changing shifts. In the end, I think I got to Geek Terminal at 6pm, or somewhere close to there.

Embarassingly, I forgot what I registered as (?!) Duh! But someone (sorry, I didn’t get your name) was nice enough to let me look through the entire list for me to figure out who I am. Hehe… eventually, I found my name and was given a tag. 😉

I saw a familiar back when I went in, and I realised that it was someone that I knew. But he didn’t seem too happy seeing me! Haha.. no lah, I guess he was just bored, and seeing me probably made things worse. 😛 I promptly got a seat but forgot to ask the person next to the seat if it was taken. Shucks! My social etiquette all down the drain again. 🙁 By then, the best post and best blog awards were going to be given out, but I did realise that there didn’t seem to be much rehearsal. There was also a short presentation on Advertlets, and it was something that I wanted to find out more about; but I guess the crowd wasn’t too forgiving/attentive of advertising talks. 🙁

(if anyone knows anything about how advertlets work and why I should sign up for it, please drop me a note or comment)

Soon after, the presentation was over and it was time for makan! Thinking that it would be a rush for the buffet table, I decided to wait around for the crowd to clear. While engaging in some small talk with my friend, we met the *gasp* CEO of Geek Terminal! Wow! That’s like 2 chanced meetings with top people in the past week for me! I’m impressed by the courage that people have to be entrepreneur and it’s something that I’d never have.

We were quickly introduced to The Barista, Danny, who absolutely made me the best cup of Cappacino that I’d ever had. I’m so totally impressed by his skills, his attentiveness to making the best cup of coffee for his customers and his personality. If you happen to pass by Geek Terminal (here’s some ad: 55 Market Street #01-01), do drop by and ask for a good cuppa! 🙂

We were also impressed by the plugin power supply that runs through Geek Terminal. It’s a total eye-opener and will definitely evolutionarize power points. Bye bye extension cables! I’m bad at describing non-IT technology, so here’s the website for you. We also found out that the place rents out (?) laptops for use in the premises and lets people try out new phones (as opposed to dummy sets from your local phone stores) because Nokia is their technology partner. In addition, The Terminal is really a business center too because the whole place comes equipped with teleconferencing and office facilities. The place can be subdivided into various meeting rooms so that people would be able to work in them! Wow! That’s Geek Terminal for you!

Soon after, it was makan time! Thank goodness there was still enough food left. The pasta was quite nice, and so was the fried dumpling. I particularly liked the appetizer (prawn + cucumber + thousand island sauce (?) + chicken biscuit). It was heavenly. The kebab was also quite nice, but I got some meat stuck in my teeth. Not a good thing to happen, especially if you have to try to get the food out. 😛

The dinner was enjoyed with the coffee and the company of Chris, the owner of The Terminal. We talked about how he substantiates his business and how the place was set up – the concepts, the works and the geeks that frequent the place. In fact, he feels that geeks have been redefinted and it’s no longer uncool or condescending. I know that cos’ I am a self-professed geek! Keke…

We met Claire and Cherry who made good cookies. They run Sweethut, who unfortunately is going to be my competitor. 😛 But their cookies are nice and you should drop by the website to take a look (that’s quite a fair bit of advertising on my entry today). We met Brennan too, who somehow seem to hint that he has a sai gang * job. We talked briefly about what I’m doing and of course, Big Pharmas and the Human Genome Project.

Soon after, it was off we go. Everyone was making their way to Brewerks but I wasn’t exactly in the mood for drinking yet since I had a wedding dinner to catch (and yes, I was late). But the general feel was that the party was quite cliquish but I was probably not in the best of mood to socialise and get to know people. The 1st BlogCon was probably guilty of it as well, and it’s quite hard to really involve everyone. The best way to get everyone to really come together is really to have everyone come with a contrite heart and an open mind. Keep it up guys! But I think some rehearsal on your part would be nice. Yes, I know, easier said than done. 😛

I’d probably look forward to 2nd anniversary (and probably help out?) or BlogOut or BlogCon. Speaking of which, isn’t BlogCon supposed to happen this year? 😛

* it’s a dialect slang for cleaning-up-the-mess

Ed: There is one post here that links to more posts 😛

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