SF’07: Day 1

Travelogue July 10th, 2007

Woohoo! Finally landed after an almost 24 hours flight on the plane. My butt never hurt that much and my legs probably hadn’t cramped that much since I last sat at the back of a 7-seater car.


The weather is pretty nice at about 18 deg Celsius in the day. It can drop horribly to 12 deg Celsius at night, and keeping the window open (if you dare!) will keep you frozen for the entire night! 😛 The weather is nice enough in the day to walk with just a sweater over your shirt, but I’d prefer to have 2.5 layers on… yes, 2.5 cos’ the 0.5 is just a thin t-shirt that probably does nothing to keep the cold air out, but I still wear it anyway. The sun is pretty nice too because it warms your face a little as your walk down the street. Very nice feeling! *shrieking in excitement*


I’m a small eater, but for 4 bucks, you can get a burger the size of 3 Big Macs side by side. I tried one… some club sandwich… and realised that it was too big to be placed into my mouth. So I needed to have it halved, and after finishing 1 half with fries, I was full enough to have the rest packed back for dinner. 😛  There’s Mac too (the fast food, not the computer), but it wasn’t as omnipresent as I thought it’d be. Most of the branches are located in the city center but the lack of them in the suburbs is compensated by the presence of many cafes around.


I couldn’t remember if my phone was tri-band or quad-band, but there’s absolutely no signal. I’d probably have to rent a phone from somewhere or probably get a US number of sort. Internet cafe is scattered everywhere, so it’s just a matter of finding one that you are comfy with. Some coffee places provide free wifi, but I am a little hesitant about bringing out my laptop in a place that I’m not too familiar with.

Navigation and Transportation

The place’s pretty much a grid at the city center. There are maps at bus stops that show you the bus routes and it’s quite hard to get lost in the city center. There’s the Muni and there’s the BART, and there’s me getting a little confused of what is what. I think I need some time. And oh, the GPS doesn’t work in the city center because the buildings are a little too tall. 🙁 More on this later.

Okie… time to grab another bite soon. 🙂

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