I read an article from straitstimes.com titled as above. The article isn’t reproduced here because what I am about to comment on has very little to do with the context in the article. On the contrary, it set me thinking about something that I had written a few days back – of fake monks and dummies.

I used to embrace charity a lot – not just by means of donations, but volunteering for a good cause. However, after the NKF and St. Johns scandal, and revelations of how much public donations really reaches the ones who need it, I started to think twice before pulling my purse strings.

Of donation-collection companies

By now, everyone would be aware of companies that specialise in collecting donations for various charitable organizations. I do not know if they still exist now, or if they are still legal, but it was reveal somewhere that sometimes, less than 50% of what we give really goes to the charity.

Do you remember those students who would come up to you with a donation coupon that probably costs around $2? Apparently, part of the money goes to the company behind that, and part of it goes to the pay/commission of the part-timer. Finally, only a small part goes to the charity who hired the services of the company.

After reading on their modus operandi, I decided that that was all that I would donate. Coincidentally, the number of such donation seekers decreased significantly. On the contrary, I see lots of tin-carrying students asking for donations now. I hope all of the donation goes to the charity.

At least the charity engaging their services are getting some money.

Well, that might be true, but shouldn’t charity be for a good cause? I understand that the owners of the donation-collection company needs to survive as well, but how do they feel profiteering from generous givers? Are the latter taken for granted again (or treated like idiots)?

Other comments

I have heard of comments supporting companies that organizes “donation drives” and those suggesting that dollars going to a “centralized collection body” would benefit more organizations (stretching the dollar). I’m not sure of such comments and would not be able to share my opinions; but what I am sure of is that, I’d be careful with my next dollar.

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