SF’07: Day 2

Travelogue July 11th, 2007

Good morning Blogosphere! It’s freezing this morning at 14 deg Celsius, which probably is very good weather for the people here, but it’s freezing for a tropical tourist like myself. šŸ˜› Sweater, check! Scarf, check! Water, check!

Breakfast was an alfresco dining by the patio today, consisting of a sunny side up, some sausages and bacon, served together with English breakfast tea and some chips. It’s really a different feeling to have your meals while overlooking the (not-so-big) crowd at the roads. From the patio, it is also possible to observe that the roads are not entirely straight and consists of many slopes.

After the morning mail check, I decided to walk round the neighbourhood by foot yesterday. There are lots of interesting shops, from those selling art stuffs to zodiac books that also helps to interpret your dreams. There are also quite a few rainbow shops that sells interesting pins and tags. šŸ™‚

Speaking of which, I noticed that some places or shops hang this rainbow flag. A conversation with the locals revealed that this is really called The Rainbow Flag, which is a symbol of GLTB, which usually means the residents or business supports the GLTB cause. I forgot to ask if it necessarily means that the residents or owners are themselves GLTB. Oh well… I guess it doesn’t really matter here.

Another thing that I realised is that while the map depicts downtown to be pretty near where I am staying, it really isn’t so. I spent 3 hours walking towards downtown but didn’t seem to reach it. The only sight of anything commercial is the occasional supermarket or Walmart (or was it K-mart? or both?) The place seems unusually slow, quite unlike the crowd in Singapore, where everyone seems to be rushing every other minute.

Speaking of Walmart, I encountered this subway (the train, not the sandwich bar) track that runs onto the main road (near one of the Walmarts) and into some tunnel again. It’s nothing new but the only place in Singapore that I saw anything close is the Malaysian railway that cuts through Choa Chu Kang Road near Teck Whye, and it’s not somewhere that I frequent.

After 3 hours, I decided that enough is enough and started searching for directions to make sure that I wasn’t walking the wrong way. I chanced upon a US Postal Service mail man and asked him if I was heading the correct way. The good news was that I was heading in the right direction. The bad news was… it’d take me another 2 hours by foot! Argh!

So, it was off to the bus stop. Finding a bus that goes downtown is easy. But deciding where to stop in downtown is the next headache because… I wasn’t sure of where I was heading. Eventually, I alighted somewhere near Montgomery Station and got a little lost. šŸ™ Everywhere was buildings and more buildings. To add to that, the GPS wasn’t receiving any signals and I had to figure my way around.

By then, I was a little hungry and wondered around, looking for food… like a poor kitten. Thankfully, I found this small Japanese sushi shop that offered quite decent food. The food was nice, pretty much like those that you find in Sushi Tei or Sakae Sushi. Just outside the shop were trucks carrying props for some play that was coming to (or going from) town, but by then, I was too exhausted from the 3 hour walk to figure out more. In the end, I grabbed the train back to Church and 24th Street… home sweet home. šŸ˜›

Today will consist of more recce and exploration. The weather’s quite nice and it’s probably a good time to talk a trip to the Bay Area. More updates tonight or tomorrow! šŸ˜‰

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