I’m referring to a snap poll located here, which is probably dynamic and may no longer be there soon. In particular, I’m referring to this poll.

Reproduced from the straitstimes.com:

MM Lee Kuan Yew recently said that “homosexuals are mostly born that way.” The Government has in effect adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. With Singapore becoming more cosmopolitan, should society also be more open towards homosexuality?

I am a little surprised by the results which stands at:

  • 45% of 1793 voters who think that Singapore should be more accepting
  • 51% of 1793 voters who think that Singapore should be less accepting
  • 2%  of 1793 voters who think that Singapore should maintain current level of acceptance

Assuming that most voters are Singaporeans, I am a little perplexed by this result because I thought that there was an earlier poll which showed almost equal percentage of voters on the acceptance of homosexuality. As much as I would like to be objective about the results, the disparity is a little too glaring to ignore (I think it was 49%-51% previously). Speaking of which, 45 + 51 + 2 = 98%. Where did the other 2% go?

So, here’s my speculation (yes, without proof and possibly with sweeping statements everywhere, but please pardon me; it’s just a speculation):

  1. The last poll was rigged. Activists and GLs kept voting for their side of their vote
  2. The current poll is rigged. Homophobics are clicking overtime for their side of their vote
  3. People are more aware now, meaning we have a more honest, up-to-date status quo of the general feel
  4. A mixture of all 3

But to take the views of 1793 voters to represent the view of Singapore is not really statistically sound, not to mention that non-Singaporeans are able to vote too. I am also surprised that only 2% of the voters think that Singapore should maintain current level of acceptance, which I thought is probably just fine. Don’t ask, don’t tell. The whole world (or rather, Singapore) benefits because the GLs will get their privacy and the anti-GLs will simply not know. Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?

And oh, this post is NSFW, so I didn’t dig out archives from the Internet. Would be nice if someone can do it. 😛 *hint hint*

Update #1: It’s quite interesting. The votes in the morning (10am) is about 30-70, polled from approximately 7400 votes.

Update #2: At 1:25pm, the votes stand at 45-52-1. I think the 1% has became insignificant. This is an interesting trend indeed. I wonder if ST keeps a log of IPs.

Update #3: At 2:53pm, the votes have equalized at 49-49 with 16357 votes. It’s the closest thing to SGX that I can lay my hands on. 😛

Update #4: At about 3:15pm to 3:17pm, the votes broke from equalization at 50-48 and 49-48 respectively with approximately 16900 votes. However, it was equalized at 49-49 at 3:19pm with 17254 votes, only to go in the other direction at 48-49 at 3:20pm with 17476 votes.

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