SF’07: Day 4

Travelogue July 13th, 2007

Good day Blogosphere! Wow, I am actually feeling quite tired this morning… must have been the walking, especially the 3 hour one the other day. *massage legs* actually… arms are also a little tired from carrying a 2 kg load everyday. Or is it 5kg? *massage arms and joints*

I tried looking for Chinatown yesterday. Didn’t really get to see much things there, but I did witness something else on my way there. Gay-bashing! Or rather, the result of someone being gay-bashed. 🙁 I was walking past this medical center when i saw this guy have bruises on his face. Being the kay poh caring Singaporean, I asked if he was ok and helped him along.

He gave a rather resigned look and after some small talk, I found out that he was beaten up by some guys who didn’t like him. I didn’t dig too much into details. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I got his name, but I hope he’s well. For a place like SF, where I thought the GLBTs are commonplace, it’s quite shocking to find someone the result of a hate crime.

Chinatown was… well, Chinatown. I was greeted with a Macs at somewhere where I assume is the entrance to Chinatown and being the non-adventurous person that I am, I decided to just settle for some fast food before moving on. I was served by a non-Chinese, but I was wondering if they spoke Mandarin or any forms of dialects at all (and it’d be quite a surprise if they did). I figured that one of the common dialects that’s spoken there was Cantonese and most of them seemed to come from Hong Kong.

After lunch, I decided to venture a little into the smaller streets, which are literally small. The path is a more congested than more of the roads I have walked so far in SF and it’s quite a busy place. It’s very much like the Chinatown that you can find in NY, except that this seems to be… somehow different, but I couldn’t put a finger to it. It’s also probably here that you can find Singapore Noodles or Malaysia Kway Teow, but I’d prefer a Hong Kong Dim Sum anytime. Did I mention that fortune cookies are omnipresent? 😛

Besides hearing from K, I also realised that there are indeed 2 Chinatowns – one for the locals and the other to charm the tourists, but I am not sure which is which. K also mentioned that there is a nice Japan-town that I can go to, but that’s the other direction from where I was heading. Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

After Chinatown, I found some strength to walk up this really steep slope. I’m not sure if there is a name to it, but there’s a hotel at the end of the road. I took some pictures, but don’t have it with me now… probably update later or something. But from the initial looks of the exterior of the building, I doubt it’s anywhere that I’d stay in anytime soon (read: expensive).

Hmm… the rest of the day was spent walking in and out of shopping centres. Feeling a little tired now. Maybe more updates later… Ciao!

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  1. Elia Diodati | July 13th, 2007 at 4:57 am

    Many cities in North America have larger Chinatown districts in the suburbs away from downtown where properties are cheaper. Canada is quite fascinating in this respect. Some, like Vancouver, have neighboring Richmond as its Chinatown; the cities around Toronto contribute no less than seven distinct Chinatown districts.

  2. Simply Jean | July 13th, 2007 at 1:14 pm

    Yup, a friend of mine is in Canada. He said there’s more Chinese where he’s staying than non-Chinese. He sent me a winter photo, and it seems like a nice place to move to too. Haha…

    But the Chinatown in SF seems quite small…

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