SF’07: Day 4

Travelogue July 13th, 2007

Good day Blogosphere! Wow, I am actually feeling quite tired this morning… must have been the walking, especially the 3 hour one the other day. *massage legs* actually… arms are also a little tired from carrying a 2 kg load everyday. Or is it 5kg? *massage arms and joints*

I tried looking for Chinatown yesterday. Didn’t really get to see much things there, but I did witness something else on my way there. Gay-bashing! Or rather, the result of someone being gay-bashed. 🙁 I was walking past this medical center when i saw this guy have bruises on his face. Being the kay poh caring Singaporean, I asked if he was ok and helped him along.

He gave a rather resigned look and after some small talk, I found out that he was beaten up by some guys who didn’t like him. I didn’t dig too much into details. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I got his name, but I hope he’s well. For a place like SF, where I thought the GLBTs are commonplace, it’s quite shocking to find someone the result of a hate crime.

Chinatown was… well, Chinatown. I was greeted with a Macs at somewhere where I assume is the entrance to Chinatown and being the non-adventurous person that I am, I decided to just settle for some fast food before moving on. I was served by a non-Chinese, but I was wondering if they spoke Mandarin or any forms of dialects at all (and it’d be quite a surprise if they did). I figured that one of the common dialects that’s spoken there was Cantonese and most of them seemed to come from Hong Kong.

After lunch, I decided to venture a little into the smaller streets, which are literally small. The path is a more congested than more of the roads I have walked so far in SF and it’s quite a busy place. It’s very much like the Chinatown that you can find in NY, except that this seems to be… somehow different, but I couldn’t put a finger to it. It’s also probably here that you can find Singapore Noodles or Malaysia Kway Teow, but I’d prefer a Hong Kong Dim Sum anytime. Did I mention that fortune cookies are omnipresent? 😛

Besides hearing from K, I also realised that there are indeed 2 Chinatowns – one for the locals and the other to charm the tourists, but I am not sure which is which. K also mentioned that there is a nice Japan-town that I can go to, but that’s the other direction from where I was heading. Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

After Chinatown, I found some strength to walk up this really steep slope. I’m not sure if there is a name to it, but there’s a hotel at the end of the road. I took some pictures, but don’t have it with me now… probably update later or something. But from the initial looks of the exterior of the building, I doubt it’s anywhere that I’d stay in anytime soon (read: expensive).

Hmm… the rest of the day was spent walking in and out of shopping centres. Feeling a little tired now. Maybe more updates later… Ciao!

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