SF’07: Day 5

Travelogue July 14th, 2007

Good morning Blogosphere! Feeling a little tired this morning because I spent the whole night chasing after the news of 2Lt Li and all. Took me quite a while to understand what is really going on.

So, what did I do yesterday? Absolutely nothing! Haha.. I spent the day lazing at a nearby cafe, book in hand, coffee on table, a sandwich cut in half next to it with a bright and sunny skies accompanied by cool winds. Life couldn’t get better than this, can it? πŸ™‚

I like it here because the weather’s really great even without the airconditioning that is so frequently found in Singapore. I’d love an al fresco here anytime, but will probably give it a miss if I am in Singapore. Not only is the weather too hot, but it’s probably populated with smokers. Moreover, it doesn’t really help that the “smoking” tables are placed next to the non-smoking ones. It’s not as if there is some “force-field” of sorts to keep the smoke to that table itself.

I was looking around for any upcoming events in SF and realised that the 37th Annual SF Pride Celebration was just over 3 weeks ago. I’ve heard so much about it in Singapore, but didn’t really have a chance to witness one. I’ve heard of Mardi Gras too. Are they the same thing?

Yes, by now, you would have realised that this is an impromptu trip. Well, almost actually. πŸ™‚

Luckily, today is the start of the 12th Annual SF Silent Film Festival with 3 days of performances at the Castro Threatre… sounds like it’s near where I am putting up. The Festival opener is The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927), directed by Ernst Lubitsch. The Silent Film Festival closes with Cecil B. DeMille’s The Godless Girl (1929). Between start and finish is a roster of eleven programs, including features, short films, and special author and historian appearances sponsored by Booksmith.

If you are in SF, reading this and would like to go for any of the screenings, tickets are available online or by telephone (925-275-9005) through July 12, or at the Castro Theatre box office, the day of the show. Information courtesy of http://sanfrancisco.about.com/Β πŸ˜› And oh, I can’t seem to find ticket pricing information for this. Hmm…

Coincidentally, the 7th Annual Fire Arts FestivalΒ is also in town, and more information can be obtained by clicking on the link. However, at US$ 40 to US$ 250 per person (the latter for the gala), I’m not too sure if I’m willing to fork that out to see things go up in flames.

So, what am I going to do today? I realised that I was at Pier 39 the other day, and Fisherman Wharf was just next to me. Duh! I’m really blur. So, I’ll head back there today, and since I am there, I might climb up the stairs that run next to the Windiest Road in SF (and the world?) and I think it’s called Lombard Street.

While I am there, I might get a good view of the Golden Gate bridge too. Actually I am thinking of driving across the bridge, but I think I’m being a little too adventurous. Haha… oh well, we’ll see. πŸ™‚

Other places I’d like to go includes Japan Town (thanks, K!), a trip to the vineyards (I heard it’s expensive?), SF Museum of Modern Art, Zoo (?!), more museums, up the twin peaks (wherever it is), and probably check out the various districts. And oh, a friend of mine said that I can drive up to San Jose to visit her.

Huh?!?! How to go?

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