Good evening Blogosphere! Woohoo! It’s probably the first time that I am writing my SF dailies in the evening! 🙂 So what did I do today? Actually I went for a church service. Haha.. it was extraordinary! 😛 Maybe it’s because I seldom go for charasmatic services in Singapore…

After service, I was off to this park downtown, mat, sandwich and snapple in hand. Haha.. the weather’s great, although it looked a little overcast/cloudy. But the winds were fantastic! Just that… it seemed a little strange that I am picnicking alone. 😛 I didn’t bring my laptop out with me, else I might just be able to do some blogging outdoors, live! Oh well… another time (trip) perhaps. 🙂

GAP was next on the list after the morning brunch. I regretted not doing my recce in Singapore before leaving for SF because now I don’t know what’s in Singapore and what’s not. 🙁 *pout pout pout* Ended up not getting anything because I didn’t want to buy something (and carry it miles back) just to find out that it’s being sold in Singapore, and worse, if it’s on discount cos’ of the GSS (Group Support System Great Singapore Sale).

After moving around on the roads and knocking nearly knocking down pedastrians, I decided that I had enough driving on the wrong side of the road and called to return the car. Driving back to the carpark was a bigger headache because…. the road wasn’t on my map! Haha… and it’s a single way drive which meant that I drove around the same place a few times because I missed the entrance. Duh! Probably I will plan my routes properly next time. Now I know what it means by not being familiar with the roads.

Walking on the pavement had never felt any better! Haha… (ok, I am sleepy now… write more later)

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