SF’07: Day 8

Travelogue July 16th, 2007

Good morning! At’s 8am now and this morning will be the last time that I will breathing in this familiar air that I have accustomed to for the past week; not that it’s bad that, but the air is cold and it needs some getting used to! Ok, I’m weak… πŸ˜›

Today will probably be spent shifting downtown so that it’s easier for me to get a blue shuttle. Apparently the blue shuttle goes everywhere, but I thought I just want to be safe. πŸ˜› So it’ll be a lot of packing this morning. *pack pack pack all day long*

And oh, chances are I won’t be getting any sleep tonight because… there won’t be any chance to. Hmm… I’m not sure if I got my timings wrong. I didn’t remember not being able to sleep tonight. Sigh. Oh well…

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