When I first read the header, I was thinking… who did the church pay and why did they want to pay that amount just to abuse the poor victims? This was the same reaction that I had when I saw a header that read “WHO’s Margaret to come to Singapore”.

Yes, I was wondering why Straits Times was so hostile towards this person called Margaret and why are they questioning who is Margaret to come here.

In copywriting, such confusions are best avoid. A statement like the one in this entries title can be paraphrased to “Abuse victims to receive US$660m from LA Catholic church” and the latter to “Singapore to receive WHO’s Margaret”. Haha.. come to think of it, the arrangement of these 2 statements are actually nicely swopped. 🙂

I don’t have a BA in English, but if a statement causes a person to think twice about what it actually means, then perhaps it’s time to think about paraphrasing it. 🙂

Another uniquely Singapore trait? I hope not.

News article here.

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