Read in again on Mindef’s stand over 2Lt Li’s case. After reading the article twice, I thought they really didn’t say anything much and it’s really not that newsworthy. I mean, everyone can see with their own eyes that Mindef is trying to be partial… but I guess people are more concerned with… who is the world is LTA X? Article from reproduced below.

THE Defence Ministry (Mindef) has given a more detailed account of why it acted the way it did against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s son, who had broadcast a letter of complaint about a colleague to several other servicemen.

The act by Second-Lieutenant Li Hongyi, 20, had created much chatter on the Internet.

Readers have also sent letters to The Straits Times Forum and posted their comments on ST’s online discussion board.

In his letter, 2LT Li had alleged that another officer from his unit had been absent without leave or AWOL on two occasions.

He added that although he had reported the matter to the officer’s supervisors, no disciplinary action was taken.

While the officer will be court-martialled, 2LT Li was reprimanded for the way he had disseminated his complaint.

Mindef’s spokesman said in a statement on Wednesday that 2LT Li’s actions in broadcasting his complaint to many other officers and servicemen ‘contravened the General Orders of the Ministry of Defence which require complaints to be brought up through the proper channels and procedures.’

So 2LT Li was formally charged and reprimanded in a summary trial earlier this month.

The spokesman added that any serviceman who wants to seek redress ‘can raise the matter up to his chain of command, and up to the Armed Forces Council, chaired by the Defence Minister, if the serviceman is dissatisfied with the action that has been taken by his commanders’.

This is a procedure set out in the Recruit’s Handbook, a copy of which is given to all enlistees.

This case, the spokesman said, also shows ‘the fair and equitable way in which the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) treats all its servicemen, with each one receiving nothing more, nor less, than what any serviceman is entitled to.’

He added: ‘The SAF investigates all complaints that are not anonymous and takes action against any serviceman who has breached its regulations, regardless of who the complainant and the servicemen involved are.’

The SAF, the spokesman said, expects all its servicemen to carry out their duties faithfully, acting with integrity and observing the highest standards of discipline.’

They include reporting any instances of misconduct and breaches of regulations.

But the spokesman stressed: ‘There are established procedures and channels for servicemen to do so. Such procedures are needed in a military organisation to maintain discipline, uphold morale and to protect confidential information.’

As per forumer weehing69, I can’t help but agree with his statement:

This is another typical civil service reply. “We have this and that options, this and that help. If you still face problems, that’s too bad. Thank you and have a nice day.”

But I also respect the last statement given by the spokesman mentioned in the article that Mindef also has a responsibility to uphold confidentiality. As much as I would like to find out who LTA X is, I am also aware that there’s very little that I, as a commoner, can do.

Of course besides wanting to know who LTA X is, I am also curious why LTA X did such a stupid thing as AWOL from camp jolly well knowing that the other party is 龙的传人. Sigh… and oh, do go to for a good laugh.

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