Was reading through the straitstimes.com when I saw this article:

PEOPLE at Changi Airport Terminal 1 were treated to the sight of a water spout off the coast of Changi at 10am yesterday.

It ‘stretched right up to the clouds’ and was ‘awesome’, said 33-year-old Rashedi Abdul Rahman.

The fire alarm technician was checking the airport’s system of alarms when he saw the funnel of water out at sea.

It was gone in two minutes, but it was time enough for him to point his cellphone at it to snapthis picture, which he sent to Stomp, The Straits Times’ interactive portal.

Water spouts appear when thunderstorm clouds create pockets of low pressure. A column of water is then sucked up towards the base of the cloud.

Fairly common in tropical waters, water spouts have appeared at least four times this year.

They can pose a threat to small boats out at sea, but usually weaken and vanish when they come nearer to shore.

Did anyone else see the water sprout? The last one was just about a month or so away. Sigh… I think this is the result of global warming and we really need to do something about it. However, with the death of Ang Sar Nah, Singapore has just moved 1 level down the list of eco-friend nations. 🙁

Changi Water Sprout

Pictures, anyone? Picture above.

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