Read in the news that the White Rabbit candy is currently being tested by the AVA for formaldehyde – a chemical that is being used to embalm the dead. Personally, this is quite a shock because this had been my favourite sweet and is something I still enjoy now.

White Rabbit Candy (TheCoffee, Wiki)

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Come to think of it, it does taste a little funny recently, but I thought it was just because my tongue is too sensitive.

Apparently the presence of this chemical was first detected from the Philippines and the AVA is acting on factual claims. The factory in Shanghai has also refuted all claims and it’s possible that it had been externally comtaminated. News from reproduced below:

WHITE Rabbit Creamy Candy – a name instantly recognisable to most adults and children – has come under scrutiny.

The milky candy with its characteristic white wrapper and translucent edible rice-paper is being tested by the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) for a chemical it should not contain – Formaldehyde.

This preservative is commonly used to embalm the dead.

The tests follow reports of the presence of this banned substance by the Philippine authorities, which has asked shops to take the product off their shelves within a month.

Importer Hock Lam, which has been bringing the sweet in from Shanghai for 50 years, said AVA officials had dropped by on Wednesday to take several packets for ‘testing purposes’.

AVA confirmed this.

AVA said it will only send out alerts when they are certain this is not a false alarm. It says testing is being carried out in its laboratories now for possible contamination.

White Rabbit’s manufacturer, Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Group, has refuted all allegations by the Philippine government.

It said it has run its own tests for the chemical, but found no traces of formaldehyde. It has asked Manila for the relevant test results and samples.

Update: The AVA has confirmed that the candy contains only minute amounts of formaldehyde and is safe for consumption. However, on a personal opinion, I’m not too sure if eating too much of it would be hazardous. 🙁

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