That no one is going to spill on who LTA X is, and personally, I think this is a good closure. Referring to my previous post, Singapore is not really a forgiving society and even though LTA X didn’t commit murder, Singaporeans will just refer him as the officer who AWOL and got pwned by 龙的传人.

But my vineyards, who had been mumbling and not being really clear recently, told me why LTA X AWOL’d. Apparently it’s because of personal reasons that he AWOL’d. So I think perhaps, it’s time for people – like myself, to bring out some compassion to the whole case. If LTA X had wilfully AWOL’d, thinking that he can get away with it, then I’d say, by all means – he’s taken the chances and it’s fallen flat on him.

On the other hand, if it’s because of personal reasons – particularly reasons of the heart, then I think Singaporeans should just be compassionate about it, close both eyes and get on with life. Here, we have a potentially good officer whose future has more or less been ruined. If you think he deserved to be punished, well, I think he’s got it from the system and the case should be closed.

Afterall, we are all humans and humans being humans, we have feelings. Just that sometimes, it gets the better of us – and if it happens at the wrong time, we end up paying the price for it.

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