I was reading the above post from Geek Goddess and happened to meet the Serial Lazy Entrepreneur online and we had a small chat. Actually, it became more of a monologue… and it’s reproduced below. Some grammar had been modified from the original conversation, but the essence is still there:

Me: I just read estee’s post on the disfigure thingie
Me: The loved one will still love you but you will lose your friends
SLE: Loose friends?
SLE: How so?
Me: Erm…
Me: It’s a cyclic thing
Me: The scarred person (SP) will be aware of his/her (hereafter her) scars
Me: Then the SP will be afraid to go out
Me: So SP sees lesser of her friends
Me: Subsequently SP drifts away from friends
Me: The “true lover” (TL) will remain
Me: But SP tells TL to find someone else
Me: Then sometimes TL gets irritatingly persistent
Me: SP locks TL out of her life
Me: SP is now alone
Me: SP dies a lonely death
SLE: Gee…
SLE: Kinda pessimistic…
SLE: But no less true…

Well… I should know better. I have had first hand experience of it… 🙁

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