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General July 27th, 2007

Managed to catch Simpsons the movie yesterday evening on it’s opening day. The cinema wasn’t exactly the largest, but we had almost a full audience. With all the criticisms surrounding it, it’s pretty much a witty cartoon and I’d give it 3.75 out of 5. Actually, I’d have given it 4 but the guy sitting in front of me is some tall angmo and that effectly reduced my enjoyment of the show. Why do I always get angmos sitting in front of me?

Some spoilers ahead. 😛

The movie had a plot, which was quite a pleasant difference from it’s normal 30-minute episodes. Homer had accidentally polluted the lake, causing the US government to lock them in in a dome. The whole plot is how the Simpsons save the town from being blown up.

On second thoughts, I will not post too many spoilers, but just some points along the way:

  • Bart’s willy was exposed… really small
  • Lisa got a boyfriend
  • Homer found a pig and brought it home
  • Homer polluted the lake with pig waste
  • The Terminator is the President
  • Springfield was locked into a dome 
  • Maggie found an escape route
  • The Simpsons escaped from being killed (quite obviously)
  • Homer spent his last dollar riding on some rides that got them their pickup
  • They moved to Alaska
  • When Marge found out that the President wanted to bomb Springfield, she wanted to move back to save the town
  • Homer went in search of them (Marge and the rest)

… ok, that’s all that I am going to say cos’ it’s a cartoon and the ending is quite predictable 😛 But do stay till the end of the whole movie, yes, that includes the credits. There are a few easter eggs along the way. 🙂

Happy watching!

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