Bee attack!

Daily July 30th, 2007

As I was on my way back today, I saw a group of people surround 2 indian guys, who were holding this long pole with a smoke-emitting bottle. Curious, like almost all other Singaporeans, I peered out of the window of the bus that I was on and realised that there were dead bees on the road. The rest of the bees were hovering at the tree and some were simply just flying straight onto the bus I was on.

Soon after, the bus, which was stopped at a traffic junction, began to move; probably crushing some bees in the midst of it. I thought it was quite strange that people would be gathering to watch the extermination of the bees. Aren’t bees supposed to be dangerous and that people are supposed to be running away from them?

Gosh… the extent of the kaypohness of Singaporeans! 😛

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