Before I continue, the title was meant to be Nicholas Lazarus and his homophobic views. Ironically, my lab’s servers are homophobic as well and I’d never be able to ever view this entry again if I put the you-know-what word in the title. ๐Ÿ™

Anyway, back to the topic of Nicholas and his homophobic views. Now, why don’t I mention “PAP and their homophobic views” instead? Well, although Nicholas is from the Young PAP, but his entry seems to be in contradiction to what MM Lee, SM Goh and PM Lee has emphasized. So, let’s just take it that it’s his personal view until it has been clarified that it’s a party stand.

Since his post is quite a short one, let me turn it into a dialogue ๐Ÿ˜›ย 

With all this talk about legalizing homosexual acts, I was just pondering what would happen if such acts were indeed legalized.

Yes, actually I would be interested to find out too. Maybe the more you ban it, the more people would like to display it? And perhaps things will just remain how it is? Ok… let’s go on…

Imagine men walking hand in hand with other men down Orchard Road, kissing, fondling and making out.

Hmm… actually that is already happening. Have you been to Little India recently? You haven’t? Gosh… that is a good place to go… great food, nice fruits, lots of jewellery that you can get for a loved one at a good price… and of course, the public display of brotherhood! ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone’s holding hands there… displaying the bonds they have between themselves. It’s something that… the rest of southeast asians didn’t manage to catch on. Maybe it’s just not in the culture. But yes, take a walk down Little India… and you won’t have to imagine.

Kissing? Fondling? Making out? Gee… do you see a lot of heterosexuals doing now? You sound as if implying that gay men are such lustful creatures – and if that’s the case, do you think the law would be able to stop such acts of lust? As a male person, I’m sure you have moments of lust, how often do you suddenly feel like kissing, fondling and making out with someone outside? “Heterosexual acts” are not illegal.

For that matter, imagine all that taking place on the MRT.

Oh.. hehe… our heterosexual students are already doing that in the MRT. No need to imagine too.

Instead of teachers dealing with boy-girl relationships, teachers would have to deal with boy-boy relationships.

I heard from my friends who were from RI, VS and CHS that the teachers have to handle such boy-boy relationships very often – getting them to bond and work as a team in sports and other teamwork. It’s something that they have to deal with everyday.

Oh wait, you mean BBR as in boy-boy romance relationships? Well, if it’s going to happen, it will happen anyway, whether the section is decriminalized or not. You mean you subscribe to the idea that homosexuality may turn out to be pandemic and straight people might suddenly catch it? Gee… do you think you would catch this homosexual disease one day? If you don’t think so, then good for you, because it is not contagious nor infectious. And oh, if you think so, then won’t you be glad that the section is decriminalized?

Then, you might have the homosexuals all over Asia descending upon Singapore to flaunt what they cannot in their own countries.

Haha… what makes you think that all homosexuals will suddenly descend upon Singapore? And… from all over Asia? Gee… you do have good imagination, don’t you? If you have done your research properly, you’d properly know that Singapore is not, will not and will never be the “capital” of homosexuals… because, there are many other places that offers a more friendly environment for them to live in peace, not to mention that Singapore is increasingly expensive place to stay in.

Something to think about for the future of Singapore.

With you around, there may be nothing left to think about. Sorry, I shall decide against personal attacks. I take my words back. But don’t you think that the future of Singapore is a nicer place if it’s ruled based on reason and compassion? Kissing and fondling between heterosexuals are not criminalized, but there’s no rampant problem raising from it. Occassionally, you might see a couple or two trying to make out, but that’s a small fraction of them and most of us just turn a blind eye to it. We may see a couple of young, hunky men (sorry for the generalization) holding hands and so on, but I think you forgot that the majority of Singaporean (and Asian) families are conservative. The risk of holding hands with another person of the same sex and being seen may not be worth it. Imagine being thrown out of the family, taken off the inheritance will and worse, sacked by your homophobic boss!


I think something that is being mixed up in these arguments is that people then to mix decriminalization and legalization. These 2 are totally different issues, i.e.

Decriminalization DOES NOT EQUAL Legalization

Singapore may decriminalize homosexual acts, but this does not mean that they legalize it. Homosexuals may want to fight for their legal rights to get married and all, but that’s altogether a different thing and as long as Singapore does not legalize it, there’s nothing they can do.

Moreover, if 2 gay men were to make out in the open, then they can be charged for being a public nuisance and indecent exposure. They get the same rights and treatment as heterosexual couples. I hope people (especially Nicholas Lazarus) will be able to see that.

And I somehow want to agree with Han, Nicholas is quite a disgrace to the PAP, young or not.

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