I just got this email from a friend of mine whom I knew during my Korean class and I was quite shocked by the content inside. I don’t usually like to blog about such things because I don’t want to be, quoting my friend, a clearing house for scandals. Moreover, I don’t think it’s good to publicise or talk about such things because the repercussions could be great.

This is quite a serious matter in real life and such things should not be taken lightly, let alone being publicised. So, why I am writing or publicizing about such things here? I feel that by educating the public about what really happened, as opposed to treating it like some paparazzi news, people will know what to do (or rather, what not to do) next time. Moreover, things can sometimes go very wrong (sorry for being so hazy about it).

If you decide to further read this post, please do so with an unbiased mindset. I do not want to be responsible for anything untoward that happens as a result of you reading this post. You had been warned.

And oh, I’m not sure if this requires clearance from MDA…

Mail attachment (… by my cousin …)

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