Heh heh… school has reopened and everyone’s busy searching for unheard-of classrooms and lecture theatres and turning up for lessons where the lecturer’s missing. Oh well, that’s the start of the new school term for you.

I had been placed on waiting list for some subjects and will be hunting down looking for the respective supervisors to sign some forms. This semester will be slightly different for me because I would also be taking up some teaching assignments. This is going to be quite nerve wreaking because the main lecturer is away for conference and the 2nd lecturer is… well, probably going to be missing. Heh. I am left to my own device. God help me.

So many things have happened and I have so much stuffs to write – National Day stuffs, studying abroad stuffs (and not returning home?), managing my projects, thinking if I should start expanding… and so on. So much work, so little time. I wish I have 72 hours a day.

And oh… if you had gone for the Nuffnang movie thingie, then you would probably see me in… but I don’t think any one except for the usual suspects recognise me. I spoke to Wendy briefly when some of her fans came up for photos with her… I thought I heard her mumble something…. but… nevermind. Haha.

I also learnt that I lost a potential project. Oh well, one more setback for raising that fees to study medicine.

Kk… back to work. Will blog more later. 🙂

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