A catty life

General August 15th, 2007

Life hasn’t really been the same since the 3 kittens joined the family. And as I am typing this post at 3:40am, they are running round and round the sofa set. Darn! Shouldn’t have switched off the lights!

Getting them accustomed to the new environment was quite a chore. First, the 3 consists of a pair of siblings and another from another family. Don’t ask me how I got this combination – it’s complicated. Then there was the difficulty of getting them to share the place – eat, sleep and do business together. Thankfully the 3rd was QED, but getting them to eat together from the same bowl is 1 big task! In fact, getting them to be together without them hissing at one another is already one big headache. Sigh. They are less than 3 months old each (10 years human age?) and I wonder what enmity that great can cause them to deliver first blows at striking distance.

More on that later. Now… gotta type my reports again. My never ending reports. And oh… did I mention that I am going to post something up on youtube? 😛

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