General August 22nd, 2007

There was once this girl, X, who like this guy, Y but thought that Y didn’t like her. Many times, X was left dreaming about Y being her knight in shining armour, but that remained a dream.

Soon after, Y decided to go overseas for a short while. While X missed him, she couldn’t do much but just watch him go. Afterall, Y will be coming back one day. Occasionally, they exchanged emails whenever Y stopped by an Internet cafe. X was always delight to receive his email and would sometimes wait anxiously by her computer. Y would tell her interesting stuffs that happened during his trip.

When Y finally returned, X was delighted, but pretty much kept it to herself. She didn’t want to lose the friendship if Y is taken aback and starts to avoid her. So… things remained the way it was.

X and Y went out often, but X didn’t dare ask for much. Having Y’s company is good enough for her. While X thought that Y might be interested in her, she didn’t have the courage to ask Y about it.

Soon after, X thought that Y was beginning to avoid her. Not knowing why, and not being able to withstand the suspense, she approached Y and found out that he was starting to see someone else. Y told X that he liked her, but wasn’t sure if the reverse is the same. X was heartbroken, and finally admitted to Y that she liked him… but it was all to late. Her heart had been broken to pieces. Putting it back together will never be the same again.

X can only wish Y all the best. :'(

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