Visit Malaysia 2007Today’s Malaysia’s 50th National Day where they celebrate 50 years of independence! Actually I don’t know much about the history of Malaysia, but I know they have good fireworks across the causeway that I would have been able to enjoy from the comforts of my corridor, to make up for what I missed for my own country’s fireworks.

But I did a google anyway, and you can find interesting reads here, here and here; and there’s even a beautiful WordPress-Malaysia Day banner here too. I’d have used the official Malaysia National Day logo… but I thought this Visit Malaysia 2007 logo to be rather nice… and attractive. 🙂

So, despite all the quarrels with Malaysia about their KTM land, their water supply, our treated water back to them, the causeway, Singaporeans being robbed, slashed and murdered, complaints of us buying up all their rice, oil, sugar, toileteries, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper and petrol and eating up all their seafood, we would still continue supporting them in their economy. 🙂

Sometimes we just need to give and take a little. 😛 Malaysia boleh!

And Kenny Sia boleh too! 😛

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