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Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore! You are a year older, and things have really changed a lot since I was born in this country that I subsequently learnt to call home.


Argh… I feel asleep while writing this post… =S So, here’s something to make up for it…

I, the citizen of Singapore

Pledge myself to strike on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Regardless of TOTO, 4D and Big Sweep

To buy hope and earn extra money

Based on Quick Pick, System 7-12 and Big Sweep tickets with 4D bonus

So as to achieve Car, Cash and Condominium


Visiting (ME)

Events August 7th, 2007

Venue: Mt. Elizabeth

For 1/2 yearly review, blood tests and all…. 🙂

I am currently recruiting freelance web designers and developers for projects in 2007.

  • Web Designer (Flash)
    • Flash designers who are familiar with ActionScript will have an advantage, although not necessary
  • Web Designer (Web)
    • Web designers who are able to work with at least HTML 4.1 and CSS 2.0
  • Web Developers (ASP)
    • ASP developers who are able to work with at least the following
      • ADODB 
      • CDONTS
      • ODBC
      • Other Image Resizing, File Uploading and Report generation objects
    • Knowledge of database SQL programming is required
    • Will need to coordinate with the web designer
  • Web Developers (PHP)
    • PHP developers who are familiar with at least the following
      • ADODB
      • ODBC
      • GD/GD+
    • Knowledge of database SQL programming is required
    • Will need to coordinate with the web designer
  • Web Developers (ASP.Net)
    • ASP.Net developers who are familiar with at least ASP.Net 1.1
    • Knowledge of ASP.Net 2.0 would be added advantage
    • Will need to coordinate with the web designer

Remuneration is on a project basis. Kindly email me on the address in the ‘About’ page with the subject ‘Re: Recruitment of <position applying for>’. Further details will be furnished upon contact.

Thank you.

SimplyWeb Core Team

Meeting (YH)

Events August 5th, 2007

Venue: Bakerzin, Vivocity

Hello! Thank you all for participating in the Simply Jean National Day 2007 Quiz. There were many entries with various answers for this quiz, and answers range from 0 to 7. 🙂 The correction answer for this quiz is:

1 People

Because…. this is a National Day Quiz and hence, 1 people, 1 nation, 1 Singapore. 🙂 Unity and all. 😛

4 answers had this answer and their names will be entered into a randomization engine which will then determine the winner.

All participants will be informed by the end of 5th August 2007, Sunday 🙂

Thank you!

Hello peps! Tomorrow is the last day for entry submission. 🙂 The last entry will be accepted on 4th August 2007 @ 2359 hrs. Hurry hurry! This is the last chance for you to win a dinner for 2 with accompanying after-dinner vouchers for that nice coffee sip on National Day*, with fireworks in the background as the nation celebrates her 42nd birthday! 🙂

Read this entry  for more information! Keep the entries coming in ! 🙂

* dinner vouchers are worth $50 for use at Hard Rock Cafe, after-dinner vouchers are Starbucks Cafe vouchers good for (at least) 2 drinks; all vouchers are valid for at least 6 months (Disclaimer: Simply Jean may replace the vouchers of similar value without prior notification – but this is quite unlikely)

Oh yes, it’s the time of the year again – time to raise the transport service fares! Woohoo! It’s been quite a long wait since October last year and I am so glad that it finally arrived!

The last time they raised the fare, I mixed up the announcement date and the actual date that the fares would be raised. Naively, I thought that there would be no raise… but realised subsequently that the fares didn’t seem too right. This year, I would be better prepared – October 2007! 🙂 In fact, I think I’d mark it in my calendar.

Raising bus fares really add an element of surprise when I take public transport and it really spices up life a little – like realizing that I won’t have enough fare to take a bus out from school because there was supposed to be $0.01 left, but turned out to be $0.06 instead, in deficit. Argh! I should stop being a smarty pants and should just top up my card regularly. Moreover, there are no top up machines in school, so there’s no way to top up the card. Pay cash? That spells almost a dollar.

Raising bus fares (and giving rebates) also provide a sense of satisfaction when you alight from the bus. “Yes! I’ve saved another 20 cents!” when in reality… you probably ended up paying more. Somehow, they all add up – these little cents or 2, because I happen to need to take 2 buses and a train to school. 🙁

Perhaps if they stop spending millions of dollars trying to make the bus stop look like an airport with all the arrival notices, they can probably use that to offset the cost? Gah! And…. a jam is a jam is a jam… I just wonder how the arrival notification system is going to predict the duration of the jam anyway. Then again, it probably does work… after all, it did cost more than an arm and a leg.

The PTC is supposed to regulate and moderate the fares by approving fair fare hikes when the economy is good. But I which company will apply for a fare drop when the economy is bad. This is totally ridiculous. And the last time SMRT was commenting that they were going to be in the reds if the fares weren’t increased, they ended up having surpluses that outperformed the previous year’s earnings! That’s so utterly disgusting. You mean to say that few months of hikes can give you that kind of surpluses? Then the hike probably wasn’t fair in the first place. I’d never forget that news report.

Argh… why do I care anyway? I can’t do anything to stop them and PTC will just simply approve the applications. After all, a record 61,900 jobs were created last quarter and the property market is booming and everyone’s coping with the 2% GST hike and no one seems to be complaining. What’s a fare hike?

I just got this email from a friend of mine whom I knew during my Korean class and I was quite shocked by the content inside. I don’t usually like to blog about such things because I don’t want to be, quoting my friend, a clearing house for scandals. Moreover, I don’t think it’s good to publicise or talk about such things because the repercussions could be great.

This is quite a serious matter in real life and such things should not be taken lightly, let alone being publicised. So, why I am writing or publicizing about such things here? I feel that by educating the public about what really happened, as opposed to treating it like some paparazzi news, people will know what to do (or rather, what not to do) next time. Moreover, things can sometimes go very wrong (sorry for being so hazy about it).

If you decide to further read this post, please do so with an unbiased mindset. I do not want to be responsible for anything untoward that happens as a result of you reading this post. You had been warned.

And oh, I’m not sure if this requires clearance from MDA…

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I was casually scrolling through my referers when something caught my eye:

24068 (F) (V) 2007-08-01 18:25:19 / (F) l=en&q=li+hongyi%2C+gay&btnG=G oogle+Search (F) Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 7.0
Windows Windows XP
li hongyi, gay

Hmm… Let me ponder through this implication… Or maybe someone out there is just too bored…

By the way, does anyone know why the IP address is 192.169.x.x ? Isn’t this supposed to be private IP? I always thought that private IPs will always be wrapped by their gateways. Hmm…

Lab Party

Events August 1st, 2007

Venue: Emerging Research Lab


You are all cordially invited to join us for the annually held start-of-the-year Party at ER Lab. Do take this chance to mingle around with your fellow course mates and professors during the Party!